fax2pdf - Fax G3 TIFF to PDF converter

fax2pdf is a very small tool for converting G3 Fax pages encoded in a TIFF variant into (multipage) PDF files. The tool has been around for quite a while but had no place on the web. Occasionally, somebody mailed me for the source of fax2pdf.

This situation is obviously not very satisfying, thus I finally got around to register the thing at sourceforge.

As I do not dedicate much time (some would say "none at all") to fax2pdf (as it works for me the way I want it to), I encourage anybody interested in changing/enhancing fax2pdf to speak up and maybe get write access to the CVS repository. Patches to be included may be sent to me as well. Please e-mail me at peter AT stamfest.at.


fax2pdf is written in C++ and requires libtiff and zlib. It has been hacked together in just a couple of hours in April 2000 after reading the PDF specs for the very first time. Not much consideration went into its design, thus is should probably not be used as an example of good software engineering - hacks rarely are :-)

BTW: fax2pdf is © 2000-2002 by Peter Stamfest and is released under the GPL.

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